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“what are the best practices for accessibility and inclusion in an educational setting in traditional classrooms and alternative organizing spaces?”

Project Background

Accessible Welcomes is a DIY zine and beta website built by Philippa as a final project for my Exceptionalities class at Maine College of Art in the Master of Arts in Teaching Program. 

Project Goal

The goal of this project is to offer basic resources and inspiration for building more accessible educational spaces online and off: classrooms, field trips, organizing spaces. 

The Future of This Project

This project is just a start. Best practices for accessibility and iclusivity are in constant flux. This project is by nowhere close to being a definitive or complete guide to accessibilty; instead, a jumping off point for asking the question how can I best create educational programing that is inclusive for all?


I welcome updated versions of the zine, translations, and recommendations for adding further resources. All updates will be added to the website and the previous versions will be archived with notes. 


This site was created using the free Wix website editor. 

The website is designed with Helvetica, Helvetica lite, and Helvetica bold in font size 16 and 20. 

For design I used the Github hosted tool Accessible color palette builder to check for accessible contrast levels.

​To check this website for screen reader compatibility I utilized the open source screen reader NVDA (NonVisual Desktop Access) Version 2020.3 and WAVE Evaluation Tool Version 3.1.3. Chrome extension. I used these on my computer which is running Windows 10 using web browser Google Chrome version 87.

Though I have made efforts to use current best practices for website design accessibility, I am a novice when it comes to designing user experience, graphic design, and screen reader navigation and I am limited by being a team of one with no budget. I welcome input on any glaring issues but am aware that this is far from a perfectly accessible website!  

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